Workshop for medical students on exchange – preparticipation examination of elite athletes – Protocol in Serbia

For the participants of the August group of medical students on exchange (IFMSA Serbia program), we have organized a workshop on preparticipation examination in elite athletes, with special emphasis on functional diagnostics.

The workshop included a review of all health examinations that are conducted in order to determine the health ability for participation in sports activities in the population of elite athletes:

  • Collection of general data
  • Collection of data on the sports activity
  • Medical history
  • Determination of anthropometric parameters of the athlete (body weight, body height, body mass index, percentage of body fat, percentage of muscle – bioimpedance method)
  • Physical examination of the athlete
  • Electrocardiogram at rest
  • Laboratory tests of complete blood count and biochemical parameters
  • Echocardiography
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise test with continuous ECG monitoring

Lecturers at the workshop were members of the Laboratory for Sports Medicine and Exercise Therapy: prof. Dr. Marina Đelić, a specialist in Pediatric, asst. dr Biljana Đurić and asst. Dr. Nikola Topalovic, Sports Medicine specialists.

Students from Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and Morocco had a unique opportunity to follow each step of the health examination from the beginning to the end in order to determine the health ability of elite athletes to participate in sports activities, which is conducted in the Republic of Serbia according to the Rulebook on conducting health examinations of athletes and sports experts from June 2020.