Active during the pandemic!

The COVID-19 pandemic has managed to temporarily stop all sports activities around the world, but not the experts in the field of Sports Medicine. Out of the need to help and explain the problems of athletes and participants in sports activities related to SARS-CoV-2 infection, Department of Sports Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, with the help of Visiting Professors of our Department, Dr. Nebojsa Popovic and Dr. Cristiano Eirale, organized the Belgrade Sports Medicine E Forum (BSMEF). We asked the world’s best experts in our field to explain the mechanisms of infection, the clinical picture of diseased athletes, especially highlighting the symptomatology characteristic for the respiratory and cardiovascular system, but also the criteria for return to the play, measures for preventing the virus transmission and disease, as well as expected injuries and health problems of athletes upon their return to the training process, explaining their prevention and treatment. We are proud that during the isolation (March and April 2020) and until July, every week we have hosted exceptional lecturers, colleagues from different countries, from several continents, who have presented current scientific facts and recommendations every Thursday via the Zoom platform, but also their personal views and experiences regarding the mentioned topics. Below are the recordings of the lecture.

At the end of June 2020. the first cycle of the Belgrade Sports Medicine E Forum is coming to an end. But the lectures will continue. The new cycle of BSMEF lectures begins in the new academic year, October 1st, 2020.

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Dr. Maria Carmen Adamuz
Lecture by Dr Maria Carmen Adamuz
Dr Maria Carmen Adamuz is world  well-respected cardiologist, with experience in Clinical and Sports Cardiology. Dr. Adamuz has the extensive experience as the Head of Cardiology at Sports Medicine Department at Aspetar in Doha, but also the Medical Chief in a numerous top-level international competition. She has also been the Director of the Centro Andaluz de Medicina del Deporte (Andalusian Center for Sports Medicine) and in 2010 the Head of the Cardiology Unit at the Complejo Hospitalario de Jaen, Spain.

Lecture: Cardiovascular considerations for the RTP after COVID19

Dr. Khalid Al Khelaifi
Lecture by dr. Khalid Al Khelaifi
Dr. Khalid Al Khelaifi is one of the world-renowned surgeons, specialist in knee and shoulder arthroscopy and reconstruction surgery, with an extensive experience in upper and lower extremity general trauma. He has tremendous education as a former student of Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, followed by residence program in Orthopedic Surgery at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and fellowship in Henry Ford Hospital (Wayne State University), in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Lecture: Shoulder sport Pathology and anterior shoulder instability

Prof. dr. Karim Khan
Lecture by Prof. dr. Karim Khan
Professor Karim Khan (MD, PhD, MBA) has served the sport & exercise medicine community since the late 1980s as:  a clinician and team doctor for non-elite and elite teams, a researcher, a book co-author (Clinical Sports Medicine, 5 editions), and a journal editor. He worked with physiotherapists, including Jill Cook, in the basketball setting and this led to his interest in patellar tendinopathy. He started his formal research training 10 years after he graduated as a medical doctor—so it’s never too late to start research! Karim was born in Germany and grew up in Australia but was recruited to the University of British Columbia in 2000. He learned a great deal while on sabbatical in Norway in 2012 and while he was Director of Research at Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital (2013-15). He is in his 13th and final year as Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Sport Medicine (BJSM). You can find him on Twitter @BJSM_BMJ (for now) and @KarimKhan_IMHA.

Lecture: Managing lower limb tendinopathies in 2020—What have we learned since 1996?

Prof. Dr Johanes Tol

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Johannes Tol
Prof. Dr. Johannes Tol is an experienced Sports Medicine physician but also science researcher, a strong background in research with a PhD in which he studied Anterior Ankle Joint Impingement and continues to supervise ongoing PhD projects. He is a respected physician and researcher, with the extensive experience as the Clinical Research Coordinator in Aspetar, but also the Senior Associate Editor in British Journal of Sports Medicine and Chief doctor for young football players in Ajax.

Lecture: Acute hamstrings injuries

Prof. dr. Marco Cardinale
Lecture by Prof. dr. Marco Cardinale
Prof. Dr. Marco Cardinale, an Executive Director of Research and Scientific Support and Sports Scientist with extensive experience in various field, and  former Head of Sports Physiology and Research of Aspire Academy in Doha, has held lecture on ” Sports Science in High-Performance sport: Doing 100 things 1% better”, within the activities of the Belgrade Sports Medicine E Forum, on May 28, 2020. Prof. Dr. Marco Cardinale is also a former leader of the Sports Science activities for the preparation of Team Great Britain and Northern Ireland  at various Olympic games and also former Handball player and coach, involved in coach education in various countries in the area of strength and conditioning and exercise physiology.

Prof. Dr Roald Bahr
predvanje_februar7Lecture by Prof. Dr. Roald Bahr
Prof. Dr. Roald Bahr is Professor of Sports Medicine at the Department of Sports Medicine of the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Chairman of the Research Center for Sports Trauma in Oslo and President of the Medical Department at the National Olympic Training Center of Norway. Prof. Dr. Bahr is also an authorized sports medicine physician of the Norwegian Society of Sports Medicine, as well as an associate of the American College of Sports Medicine. He is currently working as a team doctor of the beach volleyball team. He is the current president of the National Council for Physical Activity, the former president of the Norwegian Society for Sports Medicine and the former president, secretary and member of the FIVB Medical Commission. He is a member of the IOC Medical Commission – Medical and Scientific Group. His main area of research is sports injury prevention, and with several books he has published more than 350 original research articles, review papers and book chapters, with citation index (H-index)> 50. He is the editor-in-chief of the widely known textbook “ IOC Manual of Sports Injuries”, which was published in seven languages, as well as the „IOC Handbook of Sports Injury Prevention”.
Dr Zarko Vuckovic
predvanje_februar7Lecture by Dr Zarko Vuckovic
Dr. Zarko Vuckovic is a general surgeon and a specialist in groin pain. Along with his surgical work, due to his strong fondness for football, he collaborated during his career with a number of important sports organizations, participating as a team doctor in various international and national competitions. He was a member of the Medical Organizing Committee of EYOF 2007 Belgrade, Serbia as well as a medical advisor to Bora Milutinović during the preparations for the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup for the Iraqi national team. Since 2010, Dr. Vuckovic has been a member of the Aspetar Clinic’s Groin Pain Center, where he is fully committed to the diagnosis and treatment of groin pain caused by sports activities, as indicated by the success in treating more than 400 patients. He is currently working as the Director of the Groin Pain Center at Aspetar Clinic, Doha, Qatar. Dr. Vuckovic graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade, and has completed his specialization in general surgery at the KBC Bežanijska kosa. Since 2003, he has been working as an expert consultant at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in the field of general surgery.

Dr Pieter D’Hooghe
predvanje_februar7Lecture by Dr. Pieter D’Hooghe
Dr. Pieter D’Hooghe is the head of surgery at the Aspetar Clinic, Doha, Qatar, specializing in arthroscopic surgery of the ankle, foot, knee and hip. He completed his specialization in orthopedic surgery at the University Hospital Leuven in Belgium. He was an associate at Amsterdam University Hospital under Dr. Niek van Dijk where he further specialized in minimally invasive sports traumatology of the lower extremities. He also worked at the AZ Delta Department of Orthopedic Surgery in Roeselare, Belgium, as the director of the FIFA F-MARC Flemish Surgical Center of Excellence, where he treated many national and international athletes. Dr. D’Hooghe is also the president of the ISAKOS Committee (International Society for Sports Medicine and Lower Extremity Surgery), where he leads an international group of experts in the field. As an active board member and FIFA F-MARC instructor, he is also involved in injury prevention by participating in PCMA projects but also as a guest lecturer around the world, with a focus on orthopedic health assessment of football players.

Prof. Dr Critiano Eirale
dr-cristiano-eiraleLectures by Prof. Dr Critiano Eirale
Prof. dr. Cristiano Eirale is an Italian sports medicine doctor who primarily deals with pathology, physiology and performance in football. He completed his medical training at the University of Pavia, where he also specialized in Sports Medicine. He worked as a doctor for the first team of Internazionale Milano and then as the Medical Director of the National Football Team of Qatar. He currently works as the main medical coordinator of the Paris Saint-Germain football club, France, and in the Aspetar Department of Sports Medicine. He has published several articles on football injuries, especially on their epidemiology, with a special focus on the characteristics of football in the Middle East.