Workshop for medical students on excange – resting electrocardiogram

To facilitate the participation of the medical students of the August exchange group (IFMSA Serbia program) in the Laboratory for Sports Medicine and Exercise Therapy activities, we have organized a workshop on the registration of the resting electrocardiogram and its interpretation.

Within this workshop, students mastered the technique of placing electrodes and registering electrocardiograms at rest. Each of the students examined one of the colleagues under the supervision of the members of the Laboratory. After registering the electrocardiogram, the students were instructed in all the steps of its analysis and each of them has analyzed the electrocardiogram he/she registered according to the stated steps.

In the last part of the workshop, we discussed changes with students from Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and Morocco about the specificities of the electrocardiogram registered in athletes, that are occurring due to the adaptive response of the heart to physical exertion.

The lecturers at the workshop were members of the Laboratory asst. Dr. Rada Jeremić, resident in internal medicine and asst. Dr. Biljana Đurić, sports medicine specialist.