Pre-Participation examinations of the Medical Faculty students who compete in the University League

In the last days of October, members of the Center for Sports Medicine and Exercise Therapy team organized and conducted Pre-Participation examinations of students of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade who compete in the University League. Despite the difficult conditions due to the current epidemiological situation, the members of the Center successfully and safely examined 50 male and female students to determine their ability to practice sports activities.

We are very proud to point out that during these examinations we were able to use the Posturokit device system, which detects and analyzes posture disorders. The Posturokit system consists of a positioner – laser system that assesses the existence of asymmetry in the frontal and sagittal body plane, a podoscope that assesses the existence of asymmetry in the points of support of the whole foot, toes, and heels, and a foam platform which assesses limb movement coordination in the presence and absence of visual and auditory stimuli. The Posturokit system was developed by the YUODOME company based in Monte Carlo, Monaco. YUODOME company is a world leader in the production of metric systems and software with the main goal of improving the performance of elite athletes. Some of the athletes who successfully use YUODOME products in their training are Ben Rawlins (triathlon) and Claire Tetard (sailing).

The Center for Sports Medicine and Exercise Therapy received the opportunity to use the latest generation Posturokit system thanks to a selfless borrow of Posturokit equipment from the Djokovic Foundation, whose founder is our prominent tennis player and world number 1 on the ATP list, Novak Djokovic. This equipment has greatly improved the offer of services of our Center, but also the possibility of collecting invaluable material that can be used to conduct scientific research studies.

The Center for Sports Medicine and Exercise Therapy expresses great gratitude to its valuable friends prof. Dr. Nebojsa Popovic, who helped reopen and rebranding of the Center, as well as the Djokovic Foundation on a selfless borrow and the opportunity to be part of major world scientific studies that assess the posture of elite athletes. Thanks to our dear friends, every day we make new and very important steps in breaking through the Sports Medicine of Serbia on the world scientific-research scene.