In a historic achievement, Dr. Omar Al Seyrafi has become the first Qatari citizen to attain specialization in Sports medicine

It is with immense honor and pleasure that we announce Dr. Omar Al Seyrafi as the newest addition to the global sports medicine scene. Originally from Doha, Qatar, Dr. Al Seyrafi, after three years of specialization in Sports Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, has successfully passed the final specialist exam with outstanding performance, thereby earning the title of Specialist in Sports Medicine. It is noteworthy that Dr. Al Seyrafi is the first Qatari citizen ever to achieve the distinction of a Specialist in Sports Medicine, laying the foundation for the development of this medical field among the indigenous population of Qatar.

The appointment of the first specialist in Sports Medicine among Qatari citizens has opened up opportunities for the continuation and development of collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade and the renowned global clinic in the field of Sports Medicine – Aspetar. It is worth recalling that the collaboration between these two institutions began at the initiative of Prof. Dr. Nebojša Popović, a globally renowned orthopedic surgeon and Olympic gold medalist in handball, who presented to Dr. Al-Seyrafi the quality and decades-long tradition of expertise in the field of sports medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. On that occasion, he encouraged dr Al-Seyrafi to embark on his journey of specialization in this field at our institution.

We take great pride in the fact that the longstanding experience and consistently high quality of education at the Department of Sports Medicine in Belgrade played a crucial role in assisting Dr. Al-Seyrafi in choosing our institution for his training and specialization in Sports Medicine. The final specialist exam for Dr. Al-Seyrafi unfolded as a dynamic discussion and vibrant exchange of experiences between the candidate and the examination committee, consisting of Prof. Dr. Dragan Radovanović, Prof. Dr. Danica Grujičić, Prof. Dr. Ljubica Konstantinović, Prof. Dr. Vojislav Parezanović, and Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Isaković.

During his training at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, Dr. Al-Seyrafi also participated as a lecturer in workshops organized by the Center for Sports Medicine and Exercise Therapy, as well as in the continuous medical education activities held to mark the fifth anniversary of the renewed Center for Sports Medicine and Exercise Therapy. On these occasions, he generously shared his knowledge and experiences with sports medicine practitioners in Serbia.

We hope that this significant event will serve as the foundation for future collaboration between our Laboratory and Dr. Al-Seyrafi, anticipating many more successful joint projects in the future.