bsmef-logo-color300-fwThe COVID-19 pandemic has managed to temporarily stop all sports activities around the world, but not the experts in the field of Sports Medicine. Out of the need to help and explain the problems of athletes and participants in sports activities related to SARS-CoV-2 infection, Department of Sports Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, with the help of Visiting Professors of our Department, Dr. Nebojsa Popovic and Dr. Cristiano Eirale, organized the Belgrade Sports Medicine E Forum (BSMEF). Join us!

Welcome to the Department of Sports Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

The Department of Sports Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade was founded on October 15. 1970. as an initiative of professors and assistants who were researching in this field. The founders of the department were Professor Dragan Jovic (First Chair of the department, Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Professor of Sports Medicine), Professor O. Nedeljković, Assistant professor Obren Popović (Professor of Internal Medicine) and assistants were Vladimir Jorga (Professor of Hygiene and Medical Ecology, Specialist in Sports Medicine), Ilija Jorga (Professor of Medical Physiology, Specialist in Sports Medicine), Vujadin Mujovic (Professor of Medical Physiology) and Bogomir Mrsulja (Professor of biochemistry).

Since its beginning, the Department of Sports Medicine has organized various types of postgraduate classes, continuing medical education courses, has participated and been member of many scientific and professional projects and international associations. During its existence, the department has developed in a special field within medical sciences, which investigates positive and negative influences of different intensities of exercise on the organism of healthy and sick person. The aim of this development is defining the intensity of the optimal physical activity for raising the level of functional state of the organism, preserving health (prevention), but also the treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases.

In that sense, today physical activity is emphasized as a preventive measure in healthy individuals, both sexes and all age structures. On the other hand, modern medicine recognizes physical activity as a “polypill” which, not only treats various diseases, but also is significantly more effective than any other drug. Like any drug, physical activity must be properly designed and individually dosed. In this direction, the Department of Sports Medicine will develop in the future.

Today, the Department of Sports Medicine organizes all types of postgraduate classes:

  1. Specialization in Sports Medicine,
  2. Specialist academic studies in Sports Medicine,
  3. Module of PhD studies – Applied research in sport, medicine and motor skills, and
  4. Master academic studies – Physical activity, health and exercise therapy
  5. Integrated academic studies – Elective courses
  6. Outpatient clinic

We proudly emphasize our participation in The IV Tempus project entitled “Sport Professions: Education, Employment, Development in the Balkan Region – SPEED “. In this project, our Master program – Physical activity, health and exercise therapy is accredited. The first generation of students from this study program was enrolled in October 2016.