Lecture by prof. Dr. Marco Cardinale

Prof. dr. Marco Cardinale, an Executive Director of Research and Scientific Support and Sports Scientist with extensive experience in various field, and former Head of Sports Physiology and Research of Aspire Academy in Doha, has held lecture on “ Sports Science in High-Performance sport: Doing 100 things 1% better“, within the activities of the Belgrade Sports Medicine E Forum, on May 28, 2020.

Prof. Dr. Marco Cardinale is also a former leader of the Sports Science activities for the preparation of Team Great Britain and Northern Ireland at various Olympic games and also former Handball player and coach, involved in coach education in various countries in the area of strength and conditioning and exercise physiology.

Within his presentation, prof. Cardinale presented the latest recommendations and guidelines about the improvement of the High-Performance among elite athletes, emphasizing the importance of monitoring the performance that athletes have at the beginning of their careers. The controversial topic of early specialization among children was also actively discussed during the webinar. The lecture was rounded with a very active online discussion in which domestic and foreign experts in the field of sports medicine and orthopedics resolved the doubts they have in their own practice through numerous questions. The structure of the participants was truly diverse, both according to their occupation and the location from which they joined, from Oslo, Riga, through Belgrade, Niš, Skopje and Thessaloniki, to Doha and Dubai.