Prof. Dr. Johannes Tol

Prof. Dr. Johannes Tol is an experienced Sports Medicine physician but also science researcher, a strong background in research with a PhD in which he studied Anterior Ankle Joint Impingement and continues to supervise ongoing PhD projects. He is a respected physician and researcher, with the extensive experience as the Clinical Research Coordinator in Aspetar, but also the Senior Associate Editor in British Journal of Sports Medicine and Chief doctor for young football players in Ajax.

Lecture by prof. dr. Johannes Tol

Prof. Dr. Johannes Tol, a Sports Medicine specialist, the first one who was promoted to professor  of Sports Medicine at Amsterdam UMC, (Amsterdam, Netherlands), specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lower leg injuries, gave a lecture on “Acute hamstring injuries” within the activities of the Belgrade Sports Medicine E Forum,  on  June 4th  2020.

As the Coordinator of the Scientific and Research center of the Aspetar Clinic in Doha (Qatar), but also the Associate Editor of one of the most prestigious journals in the field of Sports Medicine “British Journal of Sports Medicine” and the Chief Physician of the junior team of the football club Ajax, prof. dr. Tol presented the latest guidelines in the field of diagnosis and treatment of the most common hamstring injuries in the population of elite football players, as well as recommendations on adequate assessment of the return to play of injured football players after the rehabilitation process.

The lecture was followed by a highly active online discussion in which local experts in the field of Sports Medicine, Radiology and Orthopedics shared their experiences and through numerous questions compared protocols that they apply with protocols recommended by European experts. Webinar participants joined from many locations, from Amsterdam, Riga, via Belgrade, Nis, Thessaloniki, to Doha and Dubai, thus enabling a very vivid exchange of experiences.