Dr. Khalid Al-Khelaifi

Lecture by dr. Khalid Al-Khelaifi

Dr. Khalid Al-Khelaifi, orthopedic surgeon oriented towards the field of Sports Medicine, specialist in arthroscopy and reconstructive knee and shoulder surgery, gave a lecture on “Anterior shoulder instability” within the activities of the Belgrade Sports Medicine E Forum,  on  June 18th  2020.

In his lecture, Dr. Al-Khelaifi presented the latest guidelines in the diagnosis and treatment (both invasive and non-invasive) of shoulder instability in the population of elite athletes, as well as recommendations on preventive measures among athletes who are most susceptible to developing shoulder pathology due to repetitive movements required by sports.

The lecture was followed by a highly active online discussion in which local experts in the field of Sports Medicine and Orthopedics shared their experiences and through numerous questions compared protocols that they apply with protocols recommended by world experts. Webinar participants joined from many locations, from London, Riga, via Belgrade, Nis, Sofia, Thessaloniki, to Doha and Dubai, thus enabling a very vivid exchange of experiences.