Dr. Maria Carmen Adamuz

Lecture by dr. Maria Carmen Adamuz

Dr. Maria Carmen Adamuz, Spanish cardiologist with extensive experience in the field of Clinical and Sports Cardiology, gave a lecture on “Cardiovascular considerations for the RTP after COVID19” within the activities of the Belgrade Sports Medicine E Forum,  on  June 25th  2020.

n her lecture, Dr. Adamuz presented the latest guidelines in the field of cardiovascular assessment of elite athletes before returning to regular sports activity during the SARS Cov2 pandemic, to prevent the occurrence of cardiac risks after returning from a forced break from sports activities. The focus of the lecture was also on all the necessary prevention measures that need to be fulfilled to minimize the transmission of the virus among athletes and their professional teams.

The lecture was followed by a highly active online discussion in which local experts in the field of Sports Medicine and Cardiology shared their experiences and through numerous questions compared protocols that they apply with protocols recommended by world experts. Webinar participants joined from many locations, from Riga, via Belgrade, Nis, Sofia, Thessaloniki, to Doha and Dubai, thus enabling a very vivid exchange of experiences.