Dragan Hrnčić

Dragan Hrnčić

Dr. Dragan Hrnčić, MD, MSc, PhD is an experienced associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. Dr. Hrncic is a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine, PhD in Medical Sciences and Master of Health Management. He has been employed at the Institute of Medical Physiology “Richard Burian” since 2009, in the Laboratory of Neurophysiology, where he participates in all activities of the Institute and all types of undergraduate and postgraduate education. Dr. Hrncic is Couse director of Physiology of Behavior, Pain and Pruritus. Graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade in 2008, as one of the best graduates of the University of Belgrade and winner of the Crown of Success Award. PhD studies completed at the home faculty in 2013. Postdoctoral fellowship done at University of Heidelberg, Germany. MSc in Health Management studied at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. He is the author of the monography “Sleep, Nutrition and Physical Activity in the Regulation of Brain Hyperexcitability: Translational Aspects”, which was awarded by the University of Belgrade.

Special interest fields:

Neurophysiology, epileptology, sleep medicine, neuropharmacology, physiology and pain medicine, nutrition, experimental aspects of physical activity

Professional and scientific training

Prof. Dr. D. Hrnčić is continuously upgrading his scientific and professional knowledge and skills at national and international level. He studied in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Hungary and Slovenia, as a DAAD grant holder and a fellow of the Serbian Ministry of Science and other international associations,
During his postdoctoral training, he was a visiting scientist at the University of Catania, Italy and the University of Heidelberg, Germany, where he specialized in neurophysiology, biomedical technology and pain medicine.
He was also trained at a number of summer international schools, as well as numerous continuing medical education courses and workshops which he also organized.

Selected scientific articles

Prof. Dr. Hrnčić participated in the realization of several scientific projects funded by Serbian Ministry of Science, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, EU-COST and NIH. He is the author or co-author of more than 250 scientific publications and articles published in eminent international journals or presented at scientific conferences and congresses around the world. Following are selected scientific articles in the field of sleep, nutrition and physical activity among more than 60 original full-length articles in peer-reviewed international journals:

Hrncic D, Rasic-Markovic A, Macut D, Mladenovic D, Susic V, Djuric D, Stanojlovic O. Sulfur – Containing Amino Acids In Seizures: Current State Of The Art. Current Medicinal Chemistry 2018; 25 (3): 378-390
Hrnčić D, Grubač Ž, Rašić-Marković A, Šutulović N, Šušić V, Bjekić-Macut J, Stanojlović O. Sleep disruption increases seizure susceptibility: Behavioral and EEG evaluation of an experimental model of sleep apnea. Physiology and Behavior. 2016; 155: 188-194
Hrnčić D, Grubač Ž, Šutulović N, Rašić-Marković A, Rankov-Petrović B, Šušić V, Djurić D, Stanojlović O. The effects of acute physical activity on severity of seizures induced in rats by homocysteine thiolactone. Act Nerv Super Rediviva 2016; 58 (3): 101-105.
Hrnčić D, Rašić-Marković A, Leković J, Čolović M, Krstić D, Macut D, Šušić V, Djuric D, Stanojlović O. Exercise decreases susceptibility to homocysteine seizures: the role of oxidative stress. International Journal of Sports Medicine 2014, 35 (7): 544-50
Hrnčić D, Rašić-Marković A, Macut-Bjekic J, Šušić V, Djuric D, Stanojlović O. Paradoxical sleep deprivation potentiates epilepsy induced by homocysteine thiolactone in rats. Experimental Biology and Medicine 2013; 238 (1) 77-83


Professional and scientific work of Prof. Dr. D. Hrnčić was accompanied by a number of awards and recognitions. We list only some:

• University of Belgrade Annual Award “Veselin Lučić” for the best professional and scientific achievement of teachers and associates of the University
• City of Belgrade Annual Award
• Annual Award and Plaque of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade for scientific work
• Serbian Physiological Society Award for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the field of physiological sciences
• Government of the Republic of Serbia Recognition – First 204 new Serbian passports for outspending citizens of Serbia.

Membership in scientific and professional societies and associations

D. Hrnčić is a member of a number of national and international scientific and professional associations, including the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), European Brain and Behavior Society (EBBS), DAAD Alumni, Heidelberg Alumni International, Serbian Medical Society, Serbian Physiological Society, Serbian Neuroscience Society, SASA Somnology Board, Association for Clinical Neurophysiology of Serbia, Fund for Scientific Education Petnica, MENSA Serbia.